QubeVu® DimStation.

Introducing the world's fastest dimensioner

DimStation's patented technology blows other dimensioners away. In 2/10ths of a second – faster than a bolt of lightning – it grabs certified-accurate dimensions from any shape. Boxes, flats, polybags, tubes – you name it, DimStation dimensions it quicker than you can blink. And with no moving parts, DimStation is rock-solid reliable.

Fastest to use, too

Just toss an item under the DimStation head – no special placement or alignment needed. Instantly, automatically, dimensions are recorded. No grid to line up with, no buttons to push, and of course no waiting. Add a scale to the package and you'll get weight, too.

An incredible value

Even with all its capabilities, DimStation is available at industry-leading prices. Nothing else comes close to DimStation's speed, accuracy, reliability, and economy. DimStation is the perfect all-in-one solution, right at home in warehouses, depots and retail settings – absolutely anywhere dimensioning is needed.

DimStation comes complete with a high-visibility display and a software suite that makes it easy to manage the device, view and record data, and connect with your existing system.

A dimensioning revolution

  • Sub-second, certified-accurate
    dimensions of any shape.
  • Totally automatic scanning with
    no special alignment required.
  • Tough industrial-grade construction,
    yet handsome enough for retail.
  • Compact footprint fits anywhere.
  • Complete hardware and software
    included. No extra anything needed.
  • Use standalone or integrate easily
    with DimStation's web-based interface.
  • Order with an integrated scale, use your
    existing scale or no scale at all.
  • No dangerous lasers for total workplace safety. Install anywhere with no worries.
  • Designed, invented and assembled
    in the USA.
Available documents

DimStation Product Sheet

Features and specifications.

DimStation Quickstart

Assembly and setup instructions.

DimStation Operator's Guide

Instructions and best practices.

DimStation Manager Guide

Advanced configuration guide.

QubeVu API Guide

Connecting QubeVu to your system.