QubeVu® DimStation.

The world's fastest dimensioner – with maximum flexibility

DimStation XL offers the same lightning-fast dimensioning and any-shape capability as DimStation – but with larger capacity and mount-anywhere flexibility.

Fastest to use, too

Just toss an item under the DimStation XL head – no special placement or alignment needed. Instantly, automatically, dimensions are recorded. No grid to line up with, no buttons to push, and of course no waiting. Add a scale to the package and you'll get weight, too.

An incredible value

Even with all its capabilities, DimStation XL is available at industry-leading prices. DimStation is the perfect solution for e-commerce, inbound and outbound shipping, express logistics, and supply chain applications.

A dimensioning revolution

  • Sub-second, certified-accurate dimensions of any shape.
  • Totally automatic scanning with no special alignment required.
  • Complete hardware and software included. No extra anything needed.
  • Use standalone or integrate easily with DimStation XL's web-based interface.
  • No dangerous lasers for total workplace safety. Install anywhere with no worries.
  • Designed, invented and assembled in the USA.