Announcing DimSystem ™ . The only complete, customized parcel management solution.

Include a scale for weight and automatic calculation of dimweight and landed cost.

Add a barcode scanner to grab barcode data. DimSystem will automatically track all data associated with each parcel.

Upgrade to a large display that supports our end-to-end applications for shipping, parcel management and retail transactions.

Add a receipt or label printer for a complete retail and shipping solution.

Our optional customer-facing display speeds tranasctions and drives revenue with upsell opportunities.

The first and only complete parcel system

DimSystem is a complete parcel registration and management system.
Depending on the options you select, DimSystem:

  • Instantly dimensions any shape with certified accuracy
  • Weighs and calculates Dimweight and Landed Cost
  • Scans barcodes and manages parcel data
  • Creates a date-stamped, certified visual record of each item
  • Offers intelligent service-selection, shipping and retail applications
  • Prints labels and receipts
  • Enhances customer transactions with a customer-facing display

A customized solution at off-the-shelf prices

Even with all its capabilities, DimSystem is a fraction of the cost of other systems. Nothing else comes close to DimStation's speed, accuracy, reliability, and economy. DimStation is the perfect all-in-one solution, right at home in warehouses, depots and retail settings – absolutely anywhere parcel dimensioning and management is needed.

Built around the world's fastest dimensioner

At the heart of DimSystem is QubeVu's patented dimensioning technology. In 2/10ths of a second – faster than a bolt of lightning – DimSystem grabs certified-accurate dimensions from any shape. Boxes, flats, polybags, tubes – you name it, DimStation dimensions it quicker than you can blink.

Fastest to use, too

Just toss an item under the DimSystem head – no special placement or alignment needed. Instantly, automatically, dimensions are recorded and data is collected. No grid to line up with, no buttons to push, and of course no waiting.

A new era of ease and reliability

DimSystem includes all needed hardware and software – no extra anything needed. It's small footprint ensures it can be added to existing workflows without disruption. Solid state construction means no moving parts to wear out or break. And it's so easy to use, virtually no training is required.

A suite of applications

Combine DimSystem with one or more of our powerful, accessible applications and you'll have a complete solution for shipping and services selection, retail transactions, customer management and upselling, landed cost projections – the list goes on and on.

Every one of our applications is highly usable and requires virtually no training. They all run on DimSystem with no additional hardware or software required.